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Article: Memories of the Kamisoli Club


Memories of the Kamisoli Club

and the logo for the director and father of the Kamisoli Club,
It was thought that he had inherited the komysori.he said.

Now, in recent years, it's not a very important tool, but it's a good thing, but it's not a very important tool,
I have changed into a disposable and easy-to-buy-hand-like.
I think it's wonderful that the convenience store has become a convenience store.It is also the development of civilization.

On the other hand, I think it is necessary to take care of things as well.
I'm asking you to take care of the old man because there was no other thing in the past.

I want you to change the way you love your favorite utensils that you use every day.

This is the memory of the logo from here.

This figure is a "father-shaped character" designed to cross two blades of two blades that symbolize a kamisoli, and to express his gratitude for his father.I would appreciate it if I could feel the refreshing shaving as the tool of the man I use every day.

The Camisoli Club was born from the idea that it would be able to find a cultural heritage and pursue it deeply, which had been seen only as a single tool.In this sense, it is a unique existence that does not appear in the world as well as in the world.

Humanity has developed a variety of cultures since ancient times that have occurred on this planet, but with beard shaving, it has evolved from a variety of staircases to the shaving of kamisoli, and it has evolved from ancient to modern times, especially after the remarkable development in the mid-18th century, and has been on the way to today.

The shaving of beard is a day-to-day act that is only observed in man, especially for men, and thus the cultural nature has been overlooked because of the repetitions of simple motions.The Camisoli Club remembers the idea that shaving is an act that allows us to find out the origin of human culture, and that we will promise us the "swallow" that is required in our modern social life, which is extremely busy."

Today, shaving is becoming essential not only for men, but also for women who continue to pursue "beauty." I think that important issues for us living in the Explosive Modern Society in the information society are how to regain human nature and to live like a human being.The Camisoli Club has been established to offer the theme of "Yutori" and "beauty" on the theme of this issue, and to provide more people to the people.

Trade Name Company Kamisoli Club
Headquarter: 2-54-5 Hirao, Inagi City, Tokyo
Annex [Kamissori Club: ANNEX (showroom and store)]
From New Ishikawa 2-chome, Aoba Ward, Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, 225-0003, 18-18-18 Grace Beino 101