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Article: Classic overseas razor to watch now retroactively to 80


Classic overseas razor to watch now retroactively to 80

The Model T safety razor which was born in the U.K. of the mid-19th century.

Because I found the article that was interviewed now in 1991 26 years ago, I just extracted it.
The origin of the inside with various razors began with the following razor as of one of 2017.
The celebrity of the U.K. is a model of the electric shaver of razor maker ウィルキンソンスォード.
A travel set of ultimate safety razor Gillette which opened in the world from the United States.

The base of the then razor is brass; serve; ...

Then look at a slight razor secret story♩

It is Jean Jack beret of the French to have made the model of the safety razor. It is 1762.
I attached the overpass of the chip of wood of the open leather and invented the holder which let a blade slightly peep out till then.
I invent the T-shaped razor that British William S, single village attached the part of the blade of the leather to a stand in 1847. It was prevalent very much, but a blade was expensive, and it was a fault to have needed a technique to polish it.

The model of the T-shaped razor is born by a draft of public documents of 小泉久衛門 and creation of Tanifuji dragon Saburo in Japan in 1890.

It is invention of an unnecessary low-cost spare blade to polish by American King C Gillette for 1,895 years that did the spread of T-shaped razors conclusively. I began mass production in 1903 and spread out in the world with the spread of spare blade-type safety razors to be able to put in the armed forces.

The razor mentioned above is displayed in Yokohama Tama plaza, too.
It needs reservations, but the one where 覧 wants to become, please inform it of the traditional razor and history willingly.
If time is correct on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, I open with pleasure.
If even one can tell many people about the good razor, I am happy.


Razor club ANNEX (store and the showroom)

Address 2, Shinishikawa, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi 13-18 グレイスビーノ 101

It is a 6-minute walk together Access Tokyu Denentoshi Line "Tamaplaza Station" "Azamino Station"

Because Open/Close completely needs reservations, please refer over a telephone.

Telephone 045-878-9588 time in from 10:00 to 18:00(weekdays)

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