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Article: Published in weekly bunchun.


Published in weekly bunchun.

Shukan bunshun issued on August 22, 2018.
The classic barber is featured as a shop of the introduction of the trad fragrance to the delicacy.

The origin of Western reason
In 1870, a barber shop was born in a corner of a small corner building (now located in Chinatown).
The first Western hairpin was named 'torakichi Ogura.'
The address at that time was 148 in the settlement.

It is said that the hairdresser who learned Western haircut technique from torakichi Ogura put on the 148 end of the stage name when he opened it, and respected his roots.
Our barbers' shop by kamisori Club 148 also respected the roots of Western barber and put 148 on the end.

Simple barber style and beard design.
It "mow, shave, wash".
It is a pure, unadded reasonable natural barber like the Western haircut that started in 1870.

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