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Article: Introduction of the shops we handle LUCIDO STYLE Chrysantheme, Negishi, Taito Ward

お取り扱い店さまのご紹介 台東区根岸 LUCIDO STYLE Chrysantheme

Introduction of the shops we handle LUCIDO STYLE Chrysantheme, Negishi, Taito Ward

It was two years ago.
The owner, Mr. Takahashi, called us and started our relationship from there.
The shop is a shop that I was able to collaborate with Mr. Mandom of a famous skin care maker!

The name is "LUCIDO STYLE Chrysantheme"
Lucid Style Crisantame

To tell the truth, it is an introduction from the customer who collaborated with Mr. Mandom, and the shop of the visitor is also
I would like to introduce you.
I'll get in touch with you next time.

Well, at that time, I was renovating the shop and had never seen it before, but this time, I contacted you and visited you.

It is the appearance of the entrance!
It was very stylish.

The shop is a beauty salon on the 1st floor and 2F, and a barber shop on the 2nd floor.
When we entered the 1st floor, there was an entrance and there were 2 female staff members dedicated to the entrance.

And the picture when I went up to the 2nd floor is on!
The interior is decorated in white and has a clean feeling and a large space.
Black and white tiles are also modern.
There are various magazines at the counter in the back! Shop with LUCIDO.
It is appealing properly.♪

At Takahashi-san's shop, there was also a private room.
It is my impression, but there is enough room size even in a normal place.
Someday I thought I'd be in this private room too.

The picture on the right shows the banner you see when you go up to the 2nd floor.
The electric light plate of pleasant brightness


As expected! Is

And, the razor club product is decorated as a display.
There is practicality, but I am glad because there are quite a few shops that are decorated as an image up display of BARBER.

And this time, I introduced this brush.
Other brushes were introduced, but let's say that it is BARBER COLOUR, or the coloring of the sign pole attracts the eye, doesn't it?
I was glad to see the real thing and to have a very favorite.
Mr. Takahashi, who is a manager, talked and listened to various things about the beauty and beauty industry, and I felt the importance of looking at it from various perspectives.
I said good-bye to see you again, but it was a wonderful time that I wanted to see you again soon.

Propaganda without permission

I quote the following Lucid Style Crisantame's site.
A hair salon that offers sophisticated, casual adult fashion and luxurious time
Collaboration with Mandom's men's brand "Lucid"! Grand OPEN! 1st floor and 2nd floor as [Lucid style Crisantame] this time, because it is divided booth in women's and men's, it is a point to be able to spend comfortably and comfortably. Hair, of course, also a rich esthetic menu is also available! ! It will support your lifestyle.

Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 5-25-8 -1F, 2F
Access/Directions: A 1-minute walk from Sannowa Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (exit 3 and go towards Kitasensen, just turn left at the first traffic light. Get off at Sannowabashi Station on the Toden Arakawa Line and walk for 1 minute (exit to the right and cross the guard of joban line.) )
No parking lot

I hope you will come by all means.

And razor number nobu!
Brush is the practicality of the shop, there is also a razor, but it shines razor reset as a display!
It is also possible to sell in the shop, please feel free to contact us