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Article: Kaiin | KAI

貝印 | KAI

Kaiin | KAI

Japan's next generation KAI has developed a new generation of casioli, and has been used as a marine product.

The following is a summary of the story that was written in the story of his grandfather and father.
The company was founded by the son of Narijiro ENDO, the founder of Feather Safety Zatana.
The founder's name is also the same as his father, Narijirō, and the first name is Nariaki Endo, the first generation of the kaisai.
At that time, when his father was a faser, he told his son, Kaiin, and Qi, Qi, he wanted to make a kamisoli.
The father of Feather is not a similar kind of kamisoli, but a light emissary, and is a good thing.Kaiin was handed down from his father, and he became the father of the birth of Kamisori, the first Karomisori in Japan, and founded Kaiin.

It is named after the name of ' kaiin. '
The origin of the old sword is shellfish.
The shape of a shellfish is beautiful.
There are several reasons for this, such as the use of a fan as a fan.

Kaiin started from Kamisoori, and is now a manufacturer of a wide range of global companies, quality, design, and durability that are widely used in the manufacture of daily and daily miscellaneous goods, and are supported by global fans.

A reference material, the story of a grandfather's father.KAI websites