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Article: Skin care ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA of a knight of the town succeeded to by club communication (item introduction) Italy Milan oldest barber

倶楽部通信(アイテムご紹介)  イタリア ミラノ最古のバーバーから継承される伊達男のスキンケア ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA

Skin care ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA of a knight of the town succeeded to by club communication (item introduction) Italy Milan oldest barber

The oldest barber that it is adjacent in 1904 by the Milan Scala Theater of Milan


I use it among Barney's barbers from last month

Then I do explanation of how to use

I use 1, a good-quality symbol, the pre-shave cream of a cinnabar red can first

I massage it before performing a shave and protect skin
I stencil it on the part which I take moderate quantity with a finger, and shaves a mustache.
I use it to reduce skin roughness, a razor defeat

I classify an appropriate amount into a cup and beat 2, the shaving cream in a white case full of a feeling of cleanliness

This cream softens the mustache enough while a careful bubble rising, and wrapping up skin well because washing and a bubble are small.
Sliding of the razors is スーッ well, too. It features と that the skin which there is little null つきが which I can shave and shaved is moistened though it is silky

After-shave of the finish that entered the bottle of the glass which suggested 3, a Western medicine

The feature is that it is easy to infiltrate skin by an emulsion type
I apply an appropriate amount on skin and massage it
Is it the characteristic of the ingredient? When I wipe it and do not perform 取 りをしっかりと, I stay white slightly, but the skin after the use is moistened.

※When I used it in individuals, I lost by a razor and bled a little, but after being available, and massaging emulsion, was surprised at what stopped (personal report)

The characteristic of ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA is this

The contemplation only by the barber is combined with 1, a used ingredient
The extract which menthol, apricot extract, brandy mint, almond oil, extract of the aloe need depending on an after-shave, shave cream, pre-shave cream and use is combined.
It is horror of the almond oil to have known in that!
I provide antioxidation and I have abundant vitamin E and seem to be able to expect the anti-aging effect, too
Seem to be spent in Europe from old days; "おー!" と admired.

Because 2, a fragrance are subtle perfume characteristics, it is easy to use it anytime

There were many things that overseas skin care was quite characterized by a fragrance on the conventional experience,; but, in this ANTICA BARBERIA COLLA, a fragrance is fragrant subtle perfume characteristics faintly.
For example, the fragrance that the peppermint is refreshing as for the after-shave and a refined sweet fragrance of the almond oil gently in a nose.
The skin care that is used habitually in barbers of Milan.
ならではですね professional as for a fragrance making subtle perfume characteristics, and the fragrance of the ingredient originally enjoying を.

3, だからこそのお price of high quality

I combine the ingredient = good-quality good ingredient which an Italian professional (barber) combines
I can feel good-quality skin care with skin kindly to pass all the more through skin

I am glad if you can sense it bodily by all means

Photograph, report
Senior barber Seki Kunihiko