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Article: SCHICK Club communication 20. Skin care measures. How to use Bull Dog taught by a shaved professional

SCHICK倶楽部通信20.   スキンケア対策。髭剃りのプロが教えるBULL DOGの使い方

SCHICK Club communication 20. Skin care measures. How to use Bull Dog taught by a shaved professional

1, face wash with face wash
(to wash off the surface of the dirt or fat etc
It is more effective if you use dirt scrub when you have a lot of dirt, such as after sports

* face wash is characterized by high cleaning effect


2, apply shine gel to your face and apply it to your skin
(it is said that the beard has the same hardness as the copper wire, tightens the gel firmly to the skin and softens the mustard.)

* * * * *

Hold the Bobo razor from the upper side of the cheek to the lower jaw, and shave with the weight of the razor. This operation is called shave.
This blade of 5 blade blade is gentle to the skin, and it does not press the skin, but gently attaches it to the skin (it is effective to give the skin to the skin with slipping of aloe mix sprayer on the top of the razor)
If you want to be shaved deep, once you get your hair from the chin to the chin, and then shave from the cheek to the top, you can shave deep

* if the skin is rough, it is good to reduce the load of the skin only by shaving

The small parts such as the nostrils and moat are shaved by using the shave trimmer attached to the back of the blade

* it can also be used for line design of designed beard

Beautiful bamboo blade made of real bamboo

When shaving is finished, rinse thoroughly and wash off the whiskers
If you use a razor, you can shave old keratin simultaneously with a beard and become a new skin with a thick skin

Use the after care according to your preference
In the big dog, there are toner toner and emulsions
After shaving, sebum is removed, so care is needed firmly
In the summer, the water type type is smooth, and the milk liquid type is good
However, the skin quality of your skin is different

* each type of skin care has a moisturizing effect, protects your skin and has tightening effect
I think that I can expect anti aging effect by doing skin care from young

I recommend that you are a British gentleman

This is a men's skincare bouldog bamboo leather event.


Masayasu Nagayama
He succeeded to barber Nagayama, a hair shop in 1923 in Hatano City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Bar barber's shop senior barber.
"Tokyo Fashion express"
The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper (general paper) lightning, 2nd, GQ, the barber book, Rudo (beauty and beauty business paper) hitoiki (WEB) Panasonic, Levi's, fashionsnap news