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Article: SCHICK Club Communication 15. SCHICK Extreme 3 Smooth Fit A close -up razor has been completed!

SCHICK倶楽部通信15.  SCHICK エクストリーム3 Smooth Fit 吸い付くような密着するカミソリが出来上がった!

SCHICK Club Communication 15. SCHICK Extreme 3 Smooth Fit A close -up razor has been completed!

The place where the replacement blade is replaced is attached to the button part as shown in the picture.
It's an unprecedented interesting replacement type

The razor head moves left and right to capture the beard accurately and shave.
This gimmick is a mysterious feeling

It bends when you push the blade
The technology that has been inherited since 1991 is still being used for about 30 years.
It is a razor that has increased the number of blades and the coating technology has evolved, and it is easier to shave rather than moving left and right this time.

Shaving comfort review

There is a feeling that the blade adsorbs on the skin
If the evolved blade and the evolved blade hit the skin, it moves left and right, so there is no sense of floating and the blades are generally adhered to the skin.
The parts that are relatively difficult to shave, such as under the chin
The blades also move on the left and right, up and down, which are difficult to shave and the hair growth areas that are usually hard to shave.
It's a pretty all -rounder

important point

Since it is close to a disposable razor, there is no weight in the razor itself (uh ...
Therefore, it tends to have the power to press the razor against the skin, but the blade bends, so it surprisingly escapes. however,Be careful not to put too much effortis

It is also written in the package
"Three technologies and closely shave"
This is true!

In my opinion, I felt that the blade was adsorbed more than the adhesion.
The shaved sensation is close to the original shaving comfort of the razor rather than the gentle like hydro.
You can shave without a tingling feeling
It is time to replace the replacement blade, but we recommend about 10 days.
Depending on the thickness of the mustache, if you are relatively dark, please try this as a guide.

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Chic Extreme 3 Smooth Fit


Catch phrase without permission

Bend the blade and shave it in close contact with the skin! Such an obsessive razor. is




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