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Article: SCHICK Club Communication 10. October 6 Last month, we have been together at the BULLDOG Bamboo Leather event that originated in the UK!

SCHICK倶楽部通信10.  先月10月6日 イギリス発祥のメンズスキンケアBULLDOGバンブーレザーのイベントにご一緒させていただきました!

SCHICK Club Communication 10. October 6 Last month, we have been together at the BULLDOG Bamboo Leather event that originated in the UK!

I joined in an event of bamboo leather released from men's skin care BULLDOG of the origin in U.K. on October 6 last month!

Event meeting place in TRUNK HOTEL where the place is in Shibuya

It was visited Japan Simon who was a founder, and the contemplation about the product was talked about

In fact, an event is held in Ginza in October of the last year and I say hello on this occasion and am
あれからもぉ one year passed. I felt と incidentally.

I had I asked Nagayama (Takeru) who was a friend active together this time, Ohashi (Masa) and THE BARBER Higuchi who had I usually had patronage more and get along well and participate in Arima, Isozaki who was the staff and did a shaving event using the bamboo leather in four shaving members in total

The above is Arima

I had an important role to do shaving while Takeru standing on the stage in front of visitors invited, and explaining the product introduction and faced it.
How to choose way, skin care of the shaving of the day repeated a meeting with the member many times beforehand and aligned a commission for the day and I chipped it while leaving the catch that I wrote a script in two about product explanation on the stage which was a blow public performance with Takeru, and wanted to tell as much as possible and did a last joke, and even the inside of car that left for the event meeting place on that day did learning by heart memorizing

This event was 2 部成, and the 向 けで second copy was various places of インフルエンサー and an event toward person concerned for business state, media, and I came over to many various places, and, as for the first copy, the meeting place was lively at all in a crowdedness state

The booth which performed shaving in that kept the making of space that was always comfortable as if taking the constant distance with the that and the event that shaving was done because I put a razor were enjoyed in mind

Taking a ceremonial photograph after the event end

As for that the visitor who had you experience it was able to give a favorable reception to me, there are only thanks in the various places of BULLDOG which always does one and such an experience nice really heartily.

A feeling of weakness that feeling of strain outrun him with an event being over safely, and being pleased together, and shaking hands, and greetings having been over and comes next, this sense are sense of accomplishment, and I love it

And I think that I have all of you try BULL DOG bamboo leather and skin care and can become a fan

People concerned thank you for letting me always join on this occasion