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Article: SCHICK Club Communication 9. [Schick?#Heisei Higeo? Transformation Before After] I helped Transform

SCHICK倶楽部通信9. 【Schick?#平成髭男?変身ビフォーアフター】TRANSFORMのお手伝いをさせていただきました

SCHICK Club Communication 9. [Schick?#Heisei Higeo? Transformation Before After] I helped Transform

[Schick#平成髭男 Variauffer]
I have helped you to TRANSFORMER.
This time, we have helped us with the video of the world's largest company, SCHICK.
Thank you for borrowing this place.

Thank you for the people involved, this time for the first time, and the filming. Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for the fact that I was able to continue with you the other day.

And this time,
[Schick#平成髭男 Variauffer]

It's a project to recruit people who have a general jigge on Twitter, and coordinate everything that starts with the design of the jiger.

I started filming with the election of Mr. Kawabata, who was a bartender, while working as an actor.

Mr. Kawabata, who has a wealth of full-baird hyge.

Maruyama started to greet me, and the design of the jay began.
I always see a lot of jellyfish, but the mountain is always at the forefront of it.
I will explain the shape of the beard which is suitable for my job or request, and to build the form by convincing me firmly.

and he would also tell him how to handle the gig and his sunset hyge.
I would like to ask you a firm request, and make a proposal.
I don't know what to say, but that's the way I can trust you.she thinks.

This time, Mr. Kawabata was quite surprised and pleased with the bottom of his heart, and there was a sense of achievement.

When I introduced this website to my sister and wife who live overseas,
"My brother is a QUEER EYE in the NETFLIX!"
said he, quite tensied.

The beginning of a ransom is the beginning of the shaving.
You can help you TRANSFORM to GENTLEMAN.
I'm going to let you do it.

I'd be happy if you'd like to see all the people.We made a good set of web applications.