SCHICK Club communication 14. I participated with the beard club Maruyama

This time, I have participated in the video of the Hige Soldier's SCHICK, which has been accompanied by events and other events, to participate in this video with Maruyama in the Hige Club.

I said, "I'm a traitor, and Maine is a barber."

As a barber, I have told you about the new SCHICK's new HYDRO5 CUSTOM.
The studio is located in Tama Plaza, and is located in the showroom.
It started with the start of the morning.

In photography of more than 10 people, directed photographers, cameraman and illumination, and more than 10 people, the picture of Maruyama, which was shaving the way of the model by the model, was seen in a rink-like manner.

And sometimes it's time to feel that you are a professional.

The functionality of the SCHICK HYDRO5 CUSTOM, which is known only when it is a professional, is the function and the need.
I'd be happy if I could see the video.

This is the official website.