SCHICK Club communication 8. [Game Shaving Digest Video] 2018 Makuhari Messe Tokyo Auto Salon

The digest animation of "the game shaving stage" for a car enthusiast by the Schick support held in a booth of a used goods car article largest company up garage on the last day of "Tokyo automatic salon" Tokyo auto salon 2018 performed the other day held at Makuhari Messe on Sunday, January 14, 2018 to be popular was finished.

In this Tokyo automatic salon, a total guest number of 3 days is 319,000 what. We are the big events of 120,000 (still there seems to be slightly fewer it than last year) only on the last day when we appeared.

Then a feeling of live broadcasting to swell in several hundred enthusiastic visitors who are heat cancer cancer which gathered early in the morning in front of an up garage stage.

Please take a look at a digest picture for plentiful five minutes! (the full picture of approximately 22 minutes is going to improve in few days, too)

Leader at sentence - - mustache club Maruyama high personage - -