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Article: SCHICK Club communication 7. Events at Tokyo Auto Salon

SCHICK倶楽部通信7.  楽しかった東京オートサロンでのイベント

SCHICK Club communication 7. Events at Tokyo Auto Salon

The first event in 2018 was from the Takujang Messe, where the parking lot is crowded! I've been teaching my colleagues on the shipbridge beforehand, so I leave B-Maru and Yokohama at 6:00! The morning sun is already coming at 7:00 pm, but this crowded situation...

And this is the first Tokyo autosalon in life, and I felt the popularity of the sleekness of the cold outside, and this time I was still in the last year with UPGARAGE and SCHICK. I'm going from the gate where only the people involved can enter at 7:30 to the event booth, the tension that goes into this place without this person, the feeling of being a little bit of a bitch, and the way people are not going to be able to go first. Let's prepare and meet.

But I'm still in the middle of the day, and I'm just an elementary school student, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to remember it. It's a pleasure that cars of that age are still beautifully displayed.

And Sylvia, who was on display in Mr. UPGARAGE's booth, is a woman, and Mr. B-Maru wants to shoot a memorial.

And there was a voice of pleasure from the guests, saying, "What a razor riget! 5,000 razor makers! They can get razors!"

It's good to suggest a supplied production from Mr. B Maru, UPGARAGE employees, and SCHICK Kawashi, the drift Angel, in advance of the event start. I was glad to see that Mr. Acoustics was very happy and very happy with the response and great teamwork.

Event Video & Supply Direction is followed by editing and reporting again

When I played B-Maru with a light talk, including the event, the venue was laughing, and I was glad to have received a lot of favors from various people, B-Maru, who was transformed into a performer who jumped out of the barber's frame.

Tokyo Auto Salon, which will be visited by 120,000 people
Thank you for letting me have an event in it

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