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Article: SCHICK Club communication 6. [A beard club appears in Tokyo Auto Salon!?]

SCHICK倶楽部通信6.  【東京オートサロンにヒゲ倶楽部が出演!?】

SCHICK Club communication 6. [A beard club appears in Tokyo Auto Salon!?]

Do you know "Tokyo Auto Salon"? It is the world's largest custom car event of 30000 people scale from the 12th of Makuhari Messe. It is Tokyo Auto Salon.

On the third day of the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, on the 14th of January 14th, the event will be held at the top gear booth special stage, and Maruyama, a leader of Hige's professional group "hige club", appears as a men's grooming & beard design advisor.

Why do you shave at the custom car event
A simple question.

To customize it to make it a customary car to be different from the person, and to wash the lover car before the date and the work of the work, first, the face is also beautifully shaving beautifully, and the eyebrow and the beard are firmly customized. In other words, if you ride a cool car, you can show yourself well! It is an adult's impression that the narcissism of the man called "man's game shaving" is stimulated. Yes.

Customize the car with up garage!
And the beard is customizable in the beard club!

On this day, we are going to perform a series of men's grooming, such as the everyday shaving, the advice of the beard & eyebrows, to the people who like the car race.

Is the gentleman sweetness leader Maruyama who shaved a lot of events, photography, TV and radio surrounded by two beautiful women of the race queen, not always the scene of the men's position, and can shave firmly? Does the line go wrong? It's fun to imagine!

And, thanks to Scheck's approval, there is a special plan of the present for two people for one year of the razor. If you have time, please come! I'm waiting for you!

January 14 (Sunday) 11:00 to 11:30
Makuhari Messe west hall hall
Gouge stage

Higge Club