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Article: SCHICK Club Communication 5. A lecture to guide Lagamans to guide you to glooming techniques will be held on November 13

SCHICK倶楽部通信5. ラガーマン達へグルーミング術を指南する講座を11月13日開催

SCHICK Club Communication 5. A lecture to guide Lagamans to guide you to glooming techniques will be held on November 13

Monday the 13th tomorrow

On Monday, November 13, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, November 13, 2017, we will hold a lecture on grooming techniques that draw victory as a "member of society" and "lagerman" for players who belong to NTT Communications Co., Ltd. Rugby Club "Shining Arcs" at the SCHICK headquarters of a razor maker.

It will be held by two members of the Hige Club (Takan Maruyama and Hideki Takeda).

", "Hygge" as a pleasure for adults, which is enlightened by a group of

Just as Date Glasses has been one of the trend items in recent years, "Hygge" is now attracting a lot of attention as a unique part that improves intelligence and dignity.
For men who fight in their respective fields, such as business and sports, beards are icons and have become fashion tools with insistence. And every morning shaving that many men do is an important ritual to create a self-image while facing the mirror.

However, when I think of it as a daily routine, I tend to feel it is difficult by all means. Therefore, the Beard Club, a group of barbers who are well aware of grooming, continues to educate men about how to handle razors and design beards in line with TPO, as a "pleasure for adults" to prepare their mind and body by shaving, where men spend a lot of time in 365 days.

A course as a must-win prayer in the Japan Rugby Top League!

This course is an event that can be called "the appearance ceremony" to pray for a victory in the Japan Rugby Top League, Section 10, Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers held at Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium on Saturday, December 2, 2017, and the grooming professional will make "the face of the fighting man" together under the backing of the razor specialty store "Kamisori Club" founded in Meiji 36.

From the Hygge Club, leader Takahiko Maruyama and member Hideki Takeda participated as the role of Shinan. Both worked at "BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP by KAMISORI CLUB 148" ( ), a pioneer of shop-in-bar, and their knowledge of fashion history and culture, not to mention his skills as a barber, has received numerous offers from domestic and international media.

On the day of the event, about 10 players will participate, including Shining Arcs captain Kim Jong-un, Ogura Junpei, Ono Shinsuke and Ono Hirochi, as well as professional players Isaac Ross, Shane Gates and Brackin Kalauria Henry.

With the progress of the National Team in international competitions, rugby fever in Japan is increasing. A whirlwind that "Date-man" causes the world to play against. It is the moment of the flag-starting.

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