SCHICK Club Communication 3. August 6 We will have an event with SCHICK on Fuji Speedway

2017 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Round 5 Fuji GT300km

8/6 (Sun) world razor maker SCHICK and TEAM UPGARAGE with BANDOH who is out in the race will do a beard shaving event.

We make online reservation priority,but we are waiting for everyone to come.

Although it is in the heat, I would be happy if you can refresh by shaving more than comfort. You will receive the latest"man's skin, extremely shaved taste"Hydro 5 Premium holder razor and the form of medicinal shave guard on the day.

We are applying for the lottery from the following site.

The official site of Team UPGARAGE with BANDOH is here

We look forward to your visit.