SCHICK Club communication 16. How to choose a razor according to the shaving comfort

Shaving can be said to be a man's ritual inherited by his predecessors.

In the past, shave with shark blades, shells, and bronze ware!
In fact, it will actually cut the mustache.

In the 1900s, it has evolved into a modern razor with steel technology.
Therefore, I have put together the traditional razor's shaving feeling of the razor, but please refer to it.

oh! Let's try this razor blade! I'm glad if you can think.

A 2 -blade razor where you can enjoy the old -fashioned jolijori feeling
Chic Super II Plus

(Ultraplus is a type whose head moves)

For reference because the commercials at that time were uploaded to YouTube.

Classical Shaving
It was released in the 1970s and is still on sale.
A razor of the origin that pursued a deep shaving.

The one can be shaved by attaching another blade on one blade and shaving the mustache remaining with the first blade with another blade.
The shaving taste is not gentle, but the shaving of the beard with Jorijori is transmitted directly to the holder.
Hard shaving comfort is recommended for those who like it.

Chic protector
Protect Shaving to protect your skin

In 1995, a razor with a wire guard that was dominated by the catch phrase "Cut!"

A wire guard is a blade with a wire between the blades so that the skin does not hurt even if the blade slips sideways.
The number of two blades and three blades increases, and the head is swinging, so the degree of adhesion to the skin increases, and it is a smooth shaving taste without missing the mustache.
It is not soft, but it is gentle compared to classical.

Chic Quattro 4
Innovative Progressive Shaving (progressive shaving) that is gentle on the skin


* For reference because the commercials at that time were uploaded to YouTube.

In 2004, the number of blades is increased to 4.5, and the blade pressure applied to one blade is distributed and shaved.
Before this razor, it was a pursuit of a deep shaving, but from here I felt it would reduce the burden on the skin.
Because of the large number of blades, you are not good at shaving small parts, so you can put up a design cutter on the back of the replacement blade and shave under your nose.
Quatro 4 blades are equipped with wire guards, but 5 blades are not attached.
It changes from a razor to a razor to a sliding feeling, and shaves the mustache without stress, saying "Suho."
It is software in one word.

The latest technology in recent years is a razor. HYDRO5 Custom

In 2018, he pursued skin care from the "gentle shaving comfort" to "moisturizing the skin while shaving!"
Select three kinds of gel pools on the upper part of the replacement blade (a lubricant that suits the skin constitution is installed, choice your favorite flavor), shave it during shaving, then dissolve it at the same time to make the blade slip better. Shave without burdening the skin as much as possible.
The gel pool box at the top of the blade is movable and the upper part of the blade is turned up and the beard can be shaved under the nose.
The razor has a suspension with a car, and it works up and down while detecting the skin's lubricated bumps.
Even if the razor is pressed against the skin unintentionally, the razor will detect the burden on the skin and will automatically reduce it while missing it.

Extra edition

SCHICK's classic Schick Injector
Currently, the razor body is not manufactured and has been released on a replacement blade.

For reference because the commercials at that time were uploaded to YouTube.




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