What is the Razor Club?

Razor Club is a razor specialty store founded in Meiji 36. We manufacture and sell high-quality razors and collaboration products with a rich personality. On the other hand, taking advantage of our expertise cultivated over 120 years, we also conduct product development, event planning, and supervision of "shaving" technologies and tools for various media content.

"Shaving is a ritual, an important time for a man to be polished. 」
Our mission is to find culturality in razors, which are often seen as just one of the cutlery, and to continue to pursue them.

The past steps of the razor club have also been published as content.


Planning, manufacturing and sales of unique razors

We produce high-quality shaving time by creating unique products such as classical shaving sets popular as high-end gifts for men, tie-ups with SCHICK (Chic), which boasts the top share in Japan, and razor club original products.

  • Manufacture and sale of classical shaving sets made in Italy
  • Planning and development of tie-up products for manufacturers, shops, etc.
  • Consulting on store planning and lineup


Preservation and tradition of the cultural nature of shaving

Since the establishment of the "Shaving Culture Museum 50 Takeuchi Razor Club" in 1989,ShowroomAndBarberWe are working on the preservation and tradition of the history and culture of "shaving" and "razor" such as management.

  • Preservation and exhibition of old and new razors (visitable / reservation required)
  • Barber's room in a classical styleOperation of the
  • Lectures and supervision on the history of shaving and razors

The Spread and Enlightenment of Wet Shaving

Professionals on the "axe" gathered "Hygge ClubIt is also active in movies and TV. Through demonstrations, knowledge and content supervision related to shaving, we are making it possible to spread wet shaving correctly and comfortably.

  • Management of the Hygge Club (a professional performance group active in the field)
  • Cooperation/Supervision/Technical Guidance for Various Media such as Movies and TV
  • Planning and management of promotional events

Handling of new products in the Razor Club

In the razor club, we mainly sell our own brand products, but there are many items that we introduce as specialty stores.

We respect the products of all manufacturers with the feelings of the manufacturers.
We will not do anything compared to other companies.
However, I will always try the product by myself and ask various questions.
That's because I want to know more about the product and I want to be a fan myself. We are also manufacturers and manufacturers in Italy.
Therefore, I would like to share the values of things, the world view, and their stories. It is a specialty store that is good at it though it is a front miso that can appeal the goodness of an individual product to the maximum.
Together, I would like to convey the wonders of men's grooming with chitin, and I really feel that this is the mission of the Razor Club.
Please feel free to introduce your wonderful products⇒ Please feel free to contact us.