The bath at the end of work is a blissful time.
A warm bath has a relaxing effect, of course, and blood flow improves. This time, I will introduce "Bath Time Shaving" shaving in a bath that is perfect for today's lifestyle, where telework has increased.

It is in the morning that the axe extends. No big difference between shaving in the morning or shaving at night?

In fact, beards grow most in the morning from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Just because I shaved at night, I already had a slight beard the next morning! There are few things, and by carefully shaving properly in the evening, you can spend the next morning refreshed as it is.

It is a shave that there were a lot of things to do in a hurry while being chased by the clock-in time in the morning, but when I go to bath time, it is full of good things without difficulty in the condition of the skin in a pleasant temperature and humidity. It is also good to do it while aiming at oneself slowly before the holiday etc.

First of all, warm your heart and beard in the bath.

As usual, I wash my whole body and soak in the bathtub. In the comfort of the warmth of the hot water, you may hear a voice saying "ha-ha-ha" involuntarily. In that case, please soak the part to shave the beard in the bathtub together. If it is difficult, you can put hot water on your face. It is important to include warm water in the beard.

Beards expand and become easier to shave by containing moisture. Moreover, the warm temperature is more effective. For that reason, in the barber's room, we put hot water on steaming towels and put hot water in shaving mugs to shave while warming up brushes and bubbles, but if the bath and the whole originally have abundant hot water are wrapped in warm steam and the humidity is high bathroom, such preparation is not necessary. It can be said that it is the most luxurious environment for shaving.

Whip & brush as if whipping on the face

When you get out of the bath and turn to the mirror, whisk it with a shaving brush. Apply soap to the tip of the brush, gently draw a circle, brush it, and then move the coated soap in an image that bubbles up on your face. Brushing also has the effect of scraping out dirt in the back of pores at the tip of the hair, so it is also recommended to wash your face throughout your face. In addition to comfort, fine whipped cream-like foam also serves as a lubricant for smoothing sharp razors.

Please refer to the page on how to use the shaving brush.

Checking the condition of your skin and beard

When the foam comes out, shave off the razor from the top of the cheek to the bottom of the chin. The order of the order and reverse shaving is the same as the usual shaving. For detailed instructions, please refer to the wet shaving basic explanation page.

Because it is a bath time of great care when one pass is completed, please check while slowly boiling the way of the beard of your own hand. The hair flow is also different for each person. It's a good idea to take a closer look in the mirror. As you shave your beard while feeling and understanding the texture and condition of your skin, you will be able to shave deeply without difficulty.

Don't forget to take care of the aftershave.

When the shave is finished, remove the soap firmly with warm water. Then, when you get out of the bath, cover your skin with cold water to cover your skin with cold water to reduce pores and reduce the heat.

After that, it is a good idea to protect your skin from dryness with aftershave lotion in summer and milky lotion with aftershave gel or moisturizing in winter.

Aftershave lotion is popular in summer, but the alcohol type is also bactericidal. It is painful for people with sensitive skin, and it can cause rough skin. In that case, it is a good idea to choose an alcohol-free type.