The end of the end of the day is the time of bliss.

A warm bath is of course that there is a relaxing effect, but the blood flow is better. This time, we will introduce the shaving "Batterym Shaving" in the bath that is perfect for the recent lifestyle style where teleworks increased.

The eyebrows grow in the morning. There is no big difference from sunrining to the morning?

Actually, the beard is the most extending in the morning 6 o'clock to 11 o'clock. Just because it shaved at night, the next morning is already a beard! There is little thing, and by carefully going shaving in the evening carefully, it will be exhilarating the next morning as it is.

It is a shaving that was often waking up in the morning and chasing time, but if you go to the bus time, it is full of good temperature and the condition of the skin in the comfort. It is also good to play while slowly on the holiday etc.

First of all, in the bath, my heart is also a beard

As usual, I wash away the whole body and soak in the bathtub. In the comfort of the warmth of hot water, the voice does not come out without thinking. If you are shaving the beard, please soak in the bathtub. If it is difficult, it will be OK even if you overwhelm the hot water. It is important to include warm hot water in a beard.
Biig is expanded by containing moisture to make it easy to shave. Moreover, the warm temperature is effective.

To that end, in the barber room, the steamed towel is applied to the shaving mug, and it will shave with a brush or bubble, but the water boat with rich hot water and the whole are also wrapped in warm water. If a bathroom with high humidity is also unnecessary. Shaving can be said to be a luxurious environment.

Whip & brushing to bubble on the face

If you get out of the bath and head to the mirror, we will bubble with a shaving brush (Burushi brush). Combine soap on the hair tip of the brush and move the coated soap on the face of the face while moving and brushing the circle slowly. Brushing is also recommended to clean the entire face, as there is an effect of scraping out the dirt in the back of the pores by the hair. Bubbles like fine whipped cream are other than comfortability, and there is also a role of lubricant sliding sharp razor.

How to use shaving brushes pagePlease also see

While confirming your skin and beard

Once foam is set, the razor is slipped from the top of the cheek to submandibular. Signaling, and the order of the way of the way is the same as the usual shaving. Please refer to the basic commentary page of wet shaving for detailed steps.

As it is a busy bus time that has been one-passed, please check the way of growing your own beard and check it while brisk. Hair flow is different. It is also good to look carefully with the mirror. While shaving the beard while feeling and understanding the condition of the skin and the condition of the skin, you can be able to deepen breath.

Don't forget the care of the after-shave

When the shaving is over, please drop a soothing bath with warm hot water. And if you get out of the bath, cover the skin with a cold water with a bath and shave, and the pore reduces the tight finger.

After that, if it is summer, after-shave lotion, if it is winter, it is good to protect the skin from dryness with emulsions such as after-hand-shave gel or moisturizing.

It is a popular after-hand-shave lotion in summer, but the type of alcohol is also bactericidal. Sensitive skin is painful and it may cause the skin rough. In that case, you should choose an alcohol free type.

Whether you're a blissful bliss that you will continue to take a bath slowly, don't you shave your beard slowly with razor?

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