Shaving brush is a brush that lasts soap that is used when shaving, and may be called beard brush or lather brush. If you have experienced shaving in the room, you will soon be able to think. After shaving slowly with a steaming towel, shaving brush comes out.

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  3. Two layers of shaving cup

Dry beard is the same as copper wire. Water supply is important

One of the worms in the dry state is said to be the same hardness as copper. Therefore, when you use a razor in the dry condition, it takes a lot of damage to the blade and skin, leading to the common cause of "razor loss". Beard inflates about 40% if it gives moisture. The water supply before shaving is important in the meaning of skin care.

The human body hair is divided into three main layers of hair surface (cuticle), fur (hair) and medulla (medulla). This vacuoles can be soft and easy to shave by spreading moisture. When using a shaving brush, the hair tip reaches the inside of the pores, so you can give moisture to the inside. In addition, hot water is best to permeate the water quickly. These effects enable you to shave deeper.

First, new one gets familiar. After pickling in boiling water

I will tell you the first time. Please think that the freshly made brush is bad. Because the bristle of hair is rich in the new brush, the compatibility with the soap is bad, and because of the strength of the fat of each other, the foam becomes bad. Therefore, it is honestly difficult to make a new shaving brush to be a foolproof hair immediately, but by adding it to boiling water, bubbles become slightly different.

Pour hot water into a cup or a container of the same size. Hot water is necessary, so it does not boil and it does not boil. Hot water pot. Please take care of burns.)
Since the cup of brass has high heat conduction, the touch part becomes hot. Ceramic mug (pink) may be better.

Shaving Mug seen in the barberPlease refer to the article about

It soaks to the eighth portion of the brush part of the shaving brush there. If the whole is soaked, the adhesive between the brush and the part of the handle may peel off, so please do not immerse it until the root.

After about 3 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water, and use soap to make the foam better. However, it is about three times to be used in this method. When you use it repeatedly, the fat of the hair is removed more than necessary, and the life of the brush is shortened. After use, please use it gently until foam is good. You will surely be able to enjoy the change of foaming and familiar.

Knack of usage. Bubbles stand on the face

If you use shaving brush, there are many people who associate with hot water and powder soap in the cup. There are many hygienic backgrounds and usability, and we often use powder soap in Japanese barber rooms, but the way we recommend is "foaming soap exclusively on your face as much as you like." .

When you use it personally, round solid soap is always put in the cup. This is actually a trad style. When using, please switch to the consciousness of "brush the brush tip of the brush" rather than the consciousness of "foaming in the cup". Of course, it is aware that the hair will be put on the tip of the cup. And bubbling on the face. Please lick me as much as you like.

I don't need to wash my face with hot water (I don't need any face wash). I start working with a brush from the cheeks and draw a big circle. At the end of the brush and the top of the skin, "washwasher wat" begins to pop. This act is also called "railing".

The important thing here is the amount of brush and skin moisture and the amount of soap.
If the water is too much, the water drops become unpleasant from the top of the cheeks and the top of the cheek. If the amount of the soap is large, the foam is bad, and the hard bubbles ride on the face, and this also becomes unpleasant. It is "familiarity and use". The number of times will make it natural. When fine bubbles grow like a cloud on the face, you can enjoy the satisfaction and superiority of having completed a little art.

Skin care face wash

You may be worried that it takes time, but if you use a brush, you can wash your face with the brush, so the blood circulation is improved by the massaging effect of brushingIncrease your skin's metabolism and keep your skin clean.

In addition, it is possible to wash the part of the ears and the like not to reach parts of the hand by brushing. It is expected that the odor will be reduced by washing firmly.

When you wash your face, first brush the brush with soap and move the circle while drawing the circle. I try to massage my hair with hair tip.

It is easy to use when the tip of the brush is removed by the index finger like a photograph. This method was actually taught to the beard club member.

And massage from the bottom of the ear to the neck.
When foaming becomes bad, apply soap to the brush & add moisture to the foam.

Massage back from the back of the neck to the back of the neck.
This is also done to draw a circle. As well as the nose, remove the brush with the thumb and index finger and wash it.

Difference and selection of hole hair and pig hair

The greatest feature of the pores is in the hair. Even if it is wet to the water because there is fat in the hairLike a pencil of paintI play water without compounding and one away one away. AndThe feature is that one hair is thin. This hair also removes dirt inside the pores.

Since I always dig a hole from my usual life, my hair is rubbed against the Earth naturally, and my hair is thinned. In the cold place, when the hair gets wet to the water, it is taken to the body temperature, and it becomes a fatal wound, and it pits and keeps the hair in dry state.

The shaving brush made by making use of the features scares dirt in the pores without the tip of the hair. There are moderate Koshi and elasticity.With plenty of air, fine bubbles foam surprisingly well. Hole shaving shaving brushLoved by the world.

Recently, however, it seems to have decreased in number, and the rise of raw material is also seen.

Therefore, the attention is pig hair. The characteristic of the porcine hair is characterized by the fact that the hair is different from the porcelain. Pigs can not live in a cold temperate District in the subtropical rain forest. Always warm the hair in the warm country so that you can withstand sudden rain such as squall, the hair is covered like a bundle of hair and keeps your body temperature. When the rain stops and dry, the hair is also separated from nature.

As a brush, I think that it is closer to the word "paint" rather than brushing.It is an image that lasts in front of the face with the brush with the brush, and apply on the face.After that, it is a hole pillow.

Dry and dry

If you get your favorite brush, you will be worried about maintaining conditions. I always introduce points of maintenance to keep good condition.

Rinse with soap

Do not wash well with hot water or water. The brush is long by removing the soap every day.

Hang and dry

For the shaving set and brush set, there is a place where the brush is hung on the stand etc. If not, please brush and dry the tip of the brush.
When brush is seen in a single brush, the tip of the brush is placed on top of the brush. It is possible to be asked whether or not the brush is upper or lower, but either is safe. Important to store with good permeability.

Anyway, it is not soothing, and the soap is left as it is, and it is pickled in hot water and water. The hair of the brush becomes worse than the hair of good quality, and it becomes easy to fall off. There are some people who buy rinse or treatment for animals. A good shaving brush can be used for long periods of time without the need for everyday care. I want you to use it carefully for a long time.

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