A shaving brush is a brush that lathers the soap used for shaving, and is sometimes called a beard brush or a lather brush.If you have ever experienced shaving in a barber's shop, you will immediately come to mind.After slowly warming the beard with a steaming towel, this is where the shaving brush comes in.

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Dry beard is the same as copper wire.Hydration is important

It is said that each mustache in a dry state is the same hardness as copper.Therefore, if you use a razor in a dry state, it will put a great burden on the blade and the skin, and it will lead to the factor of"razor loss"commonly called.If you give the beard moisture, it will expand by about 4 percent.Hydration before shaving is also important in terms of skin care.

Human body hair is mainly divided into 3 layers: the cuticle, fur(cortex), and medulla (medulla), and there are countless air holes (vacuoles) in medulla.By penetrating moisture into this vacuole, it becomes soft and easy to shave at the same time as expansion.If you use a shaving brush, the tip of the hair reaches the depths of the pores, so you can give moisture to the inside.Hot water is the best way to penetrate moisture more quickly.You can use it to create your own website, or you can use it to create your own website.

New goods will be familiar first.After soaking in hot water

I will tell you first for the first time.Please think that freshly grated brush is bad foaming.The reason is that the new brush contains a lot of fat, so it is not compatible with soap, and the foaming becomes bad due to the strength of each other's fat.For this reason, it is honestly difficult to make a new shaving brush with a good lather immediately, but by applying it to hot water, the lather will change little by little.

Pour boiling water into a cup or a container of the same size.Because hot water is necessary, it can be about 90℃even if it is not boiling.(About hot water in a pot.Please be careful about Burns)
Because the brass cup has high heat conduction, the part to the touch is also hot.Ceramic mugs ( * ) are better.

Shaving mugs you see in the barber shopSee also the article about

Soak until about 8 minutes of the brush part of the shaving brush there.If you soak the whole thing, the glue between the brush and the handle may peel off, so do not soak it all up to the root.

After about 3 minutes, rinse with warm water and use with soap.However, please make it up to about 3 times at most to get used to this method.If you repeat each use, the fat content of the hair will fall out more than necessary,and the life of the brush will be shortened.After that, please use patiently until the foam is naturally good.You will be able to enjoy the bubbles and the change of the familiar.

Tips on how to use.Foam is what you stand on your face

When it comes to how to use a shaving brush, many people think of whipping hot water and soap powder in a cup with a"shaka Shaka".Due to the hygienic background and ease of use, Japanese barber shops often use soap powder, but the method we recommend is"whip your own soap on your face as much as you like!"It's a good idea.

When you use it personally, always put a round bar soap in the cup.This is actually trad style.When using, Please switch to the consciousness of"applying soap to the tip of the brush"rather than the consciousness of"whisking in the cup".Of course, foam will also appear in the Cup, but I try to apply it to the tip of the hair as much as possible.And"whipping is on the face".Whisk as much as you like.

Wet your face with hot water(face wash is not necessary)start moving while drawing a circle with a brush from around the cheeks,gradually draw a large circle.Over time, the tip of the brush and the top of the skin begin to bubble.This act is also called"lazarling."

The important thing here is the amount of moisture in the brush and skin and the amount of soap.
If you have too much water, the water drops that become uncomfortable from the top of the cheek to the neck will drip.However, if the amount of soap is large, the foaming is bad,and the hard feeling of foam gets on the face,which also becomes unpleasant.The rest is"habituation and intuition".If you repeat the number of times, you will be able to do it naturally.When a fine-grained foam grows like a cloud on your face, you can feel a sense of satisfaction and superiority as if you have perfected a little art.

You can also wash your face with skincare

This is a great product for my skin, but it is a great product for my skin, and it is a great product for my skin.Increase skin metabolism, keep skin clean.

In addition, by brushing parts such as the back of the ear, you can also perform cleaning of parts that do not reach by hand on a daily basis.It is expected that the smell is also reduced by washing firmly.

When washing your face, first whisk the brush with soap and move the T-zone in a circle.Try to massage with the tips so as not to crush the tips.

It is easy to use if you crush the tip of the brush with the index finger as shown in the photo.In fact, the members of the Beard Club taught me how to do this.

Then massage with a brush from the bottom of the ear to the neck.
If the foaming becomes bad, apply soap to the brush & add moisture to restore the foaming.

The back part is massaged down from the back of the ear to the back of the neck and massaged with a brush to the back of the neck.
This is also done as if drawing a circle.The fine parts are washed by crushing the brush with the thumb and forefinger as well as around the nose.

The difference between anokuma hair and pig hair and how to choose

The biggest feature of the hole bear hair is the hair quality.Hair, one by one, even if wet with water because there is fat to the tip of the hairLike a brush of paintIt is separated one by one by playing water without solidifying.Also、It is also characteristic that each hair is thin.This hair also scrapes out the dirt in the back of the pores.

Because I always dig a hole and live, my body hair naturally rubs against the soil and the hair tips become thinner. moreover, since I am in a relatively cold climate, the fat content is sufficient to the hair tips.Also, if the hair gets wet in cold places,it will be deprived of the body temperature and it will be fatal injury, so it keeps the hair dry at all times.

The shaving brush made by making use of its features scrapes the dirt in the pores without the tips becoming bundles.There is also moderate elasticity and elasticity、It contains plenty of air,so the fine-grained foam bubbles surprisingly.Hole bear hair shaving brushIt is loved by the world.

However, in recent years, the number of anaguma bears seems to be decreasing, and raw materials are soaring.

It is pig hair that attracts attention there.The characteristic of pig hair is that the hair hardens unlike the anaguma hair.Pigs can not live in cold regions with normal temperatures in subtropical rainforests.In order to withstand sudden rain such as squalls in warm regions, when moisture is attached to the hair, the hair adheres like a bundle and keeps the body temperature so that it covers the skin.When the rain stops and dries up, the hair will also be separated from nature.

I have a role as a brush, but as an individual impression, I feel that it is closer to the word"Paint"than brushing = "scrape out".It is an image that bubbles with a brush with soap first, and it is attached to the foam as if to paint on the face.After that, it is your favorite, but still recommended is the anaguma hair.

Rinse thoroughly to dry

Once you get your favorite brush, you'll also be concerned about maintaining the condition.In order to keep it in good condition at all times, we will also introduce the point of care.

- Rinse and drop soap

It doesn't matter if it's hot or not, so first rinse the brush well.The brush will last longer by dropping the soap each time cleanly.

- Hang it and dry it.

For shaving sets and brush sets, there is always a place where the brush can be hung on the stand.If not, hang the tip of the brush down and dry it.
When viewing with a single brush, it is not often that the tip of the brush is on top, and it is placed standing.You may be asked which brush is better, top or bottom, but either is fine.It is important to store it in a place with good ventilation.

If you want to avoid it anyway, leave the soap content as it is without rinsing, or leave it pickled in hot water or water.The better the quality of the hair, the worse the hair quality of the brush will be, and it will be easy to cut off.There are people who buy animal rinse and treatment, but this has nothing to do with longevity or gloss.A good shaving brush can be used for a long time if you do not neglect daily care.Even if it is a little troublesome,I want you to use it carefully in order to patronize it for a long time.

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