There is the secret popular item which the inquiry from the foreign country concentrates on in the razor club. "The shaving mug cup" which is original as for it. It is a cup to put soap in when I use the brush. It is why, and と may seem. I introduce popular reason and how to use Japanese cup here.

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Dd only in Japan

The shaving mug cup is called a shaving mug, the shaving cup and is the fellow of the shaving brush which it is wide, and is used all over the world.

However, in fact, the mug cup made by ceramics is a thing only in Japan in the dd such as the photograph. There is many it, and it is this dd to be used at a Japanese barber shop. Such a mug cup is not made abroad and is a shape similar to so-called coffee cup.

Use of two layers

In two layers of the shaving mug cup, there are a deep layer and a shallow layer. There are the points divided into two why in the deep layer.

At first I pour hot water in the deep layer. It is not necessary to let you boil, but boiling water will be good.

At first it is light and grasps the water of the brush and fixes it to moderate water if I soak a brush in a deep layer and I put soap (soap) in the shallow layer and beat it. When I move a brush up and down at the same time to turn it to draw Japanese yen and air it and am crowded, it is earlier and can make a bubble. There is the type that a fundal share becomes the irregularity so that a sparkle improves among them. While I beat it, in the case of solidity-type soap, it will be good to move soap to another place.

Because the bottom of a shallow layer is met with the hot water of a deep layer at the same time that the deep layer dips the hair of the brush and gives water, I am effective in keeping it warm so that a bubble does not get cold when I put up a bubble in a shallow layer.

Because when is in the middle of shaving it, and attach a brush to the soap again, and bubble, both the brush and the bubble are warm; "is cold"! と is the device which comfortable time follows without feeling it. It is an outcome of the hospitality like the Japanese.

It is recommended to use in a bath

Of course it is a real face bathroom to use the shaving mug cup in a washstand, but can play a role.But, please warn him not to drop it because it is made by ceramics and is broken.

Because a mustache has already got wet, in the case of the shaver in the bath, a shaver becomes more comfortable than a washstand.
(→ has a lot, and look at this)The bath is a way of the bathtime shaving of the shaver thyme - supreme bliss of the best」)

Because there is a handle to a cup, it is convenient for carrying around. I go to the public bath which I always go for such a feeling after having bought a familiar pail.

The care dries with a rinse

After having finished using it, throw away the hot water of the shaving mug cup, and at first the cup covered by a bubble is hot water, or every soap of the cup bathes in it with water; is over.

When rinse it out, of course may pull out soap,; but after allSoapBecause it goes back up in をまた cup, it is quickSoapOne of what I wipe out is my way.
You may control it across the soap with a thumb if you hold a cup in the left hand and may control soap by the right hand. And I drain off the water in the cup enough if I rinse out the surface and the inside of the cup with an empty finger "slop-slop".

I lay a brush like a lower photograph if I drain off water well and keep it. When the razor which I used can be in the deep layer and leans it, it is convenient.


I recommend that I keep it to the place where the ventilation has good brush, cup together.