The Kamisori Club has a hidden popular product that contains foreign inquiries. It is the original "shaving mug". A cup of soap when using a brush. Why may be it? Here are the popular reasons and usage of the Japanese cup.

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Two-layer type unique to Japan

Shaving Mugs are also called shaving mugs, shaving cups, etc., and are widely used shaving brush buddy around the world.

However, the pottery mug in two-layer formulas like photographs is actually unique to Japan. Many are used in Japanese barber rooms are this two-layer type. Overseas, such mugs are not created and are similar to so-called coffee cups.

How to use two layers

Two layers of shaving mugs have deep layers and shallow layers. Why is the point of dividing into two deep layers.

First of all, pour hot water in a deep layer. There is no need to boil, but hot water will be good.

First of all, if the brush is immersed in a deep layer, the moisture of the brush is lightly gripped and appropriate moisture, and it is a shallow layer and put soap (soap) in a shallow layer. Turning to draw a circle, you can move the brush up and down up and down to make the air able to make bubbles faster faster. Some of the types are uneven so that the bubbling is better. For solid soaps, it is good to transfer soap to another place while bubbling.

Deep layers immerse the brush hair and give moisture, and at the same time under the shallow layer, the deep layer is filled with a deep layer hot water, so the bubbles are not cooled when foaming with a shallow layer. There is an effect to

Even when the brush is re-bubbles with soaps on the way to shave, the brush and bubbles are warm, so it's a good time to feel "cold!", And the comfortable time continues. It is a Japanese hospitality of Japanese.

Recommended for use in the bath

The shaving mug is of course that it is used by a washbasin, but can be active in the bathroom.However, please be careful not to drop it because it is made of pottery.

For shaving in the bath, the shaving becomes easier than the washbasin because the beard is already wet.
(→ Please see here for detailsBath is the best shaving time-bliss's bus time shaving way」)

Because there is a handle in the cup, it is convenient to carry. After buying a familiar bowl, I'm going to feel like this in a public bath that I am always doing.

Running and drying

After the use, discard the shaving mug hot water and cover the foam, first rinse with hot water or water with a cup of soap.

Of course you can withdraw soap, but after allSoapIn addition, it will return to the cup againSoapIt is my way to be rinsing.
If it has a cup on the left hand, it may be suppressed with the thumb sandwiched with a thumb, or it may suppress soap with a right hand. Then, the surface of the cup with the free finger and the inside of the cup "Jabjab" and cut enough water in the cup.

If you flush it, you will save the brush next to the picture below. It is convenient to put the razor used in a deep layer.


It is recommended to store in a well-ventilated place for brushes and cups.




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