About beard

The beard has two types of hair with hard hair and hair growth.
During hard hair, a very thin hair growth of about 0.01 mm in diameter with poor dye is distributed. Hard hair thickness is 0.1 to 0.23 mm in diameter. Hard Urako outer layer (cuticle) surrounds a flexible fur coal with dye. The center of the fur is a central axis called medulla. Boys are almost the same as hard hair except that there is no medulla. Adult male faces have 6,000 to 25,000 circular or oval-shaped hair. The speed at which the eyelids extend is quite different, and the place depends on the place, but the coffin is about 24 hours at a speed of about 0.4 mm and the same hardness as the copper wire.

Also, the distribution of the beard is not uniform.

The lowest hair is the lower (18-36 cm2) of the cheek (18 to 36 cm2), and the most densely grown is above the upper lip (75 to 110 cm2). In general, the hair is growing at an angle of 30 to 60 degrees from the skin surface. Most hairs are related to sebaceous glands, and hair is covered with fats and oils secreted from there.
The key characteristics of hair are flexible when wetting to water. Wet hair strength is reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 of dry hair strength, which is a factor that affects comfortable shaving pleasures that longer have a razor blade.
Therefore, skin treatment before shaving is an important factor of shaving, removing oil and oil covering the surface of the hair, promoting water penetration and making the hair flexible, I can make a comfortable shaving.

Bearded with a microscope

I could not see it with the naked eye, I saw something or less of Milli in a microscope. First of all, it is a wolf. Even if I think it was shaved properly, there is a tremendation remaining ...

Shaved (it is the surface of a beautiful skin)
Although it does not jump out of the skin, there are also places where hair roots remain. But I can hardly see it with the naked eye.

After 12 hours (see the cross section of Potspots and Beard)
The condition when I checked afternoon and checking the afternoon. A little habits are growing. You can also check with the naked eye.

After 14 days (the hair tips have been cut with a sharp knife or a sharp knife)
Described for 2 weeks. You can also see the cross section of the hair.

[Reference] It is the hair tip of the Italian brush, which is sold in the Kamisori Club. Amaguma natural hair. If you hit a shaving brush on your skin, you will get the hair tip into the pores and stain the dirt firmly.


About skin

Skin cross section

The skin is never smooth, but the elasticity differs depending on the location. The skin consists of thin epidermis and thick dermal two layers below it, and the hair root is in the dermis. The epidermis is further divided into several layers. The stratum corneum is constituted by the dead cells that are always peeled off, and wet shaving that uses water removes this dead cell very efficiently. Trying to analyze shaving and almost the same amount of skin waste scratch.
New cells proliferate from below the epidermis to reach the surface of the skin in about 10 to 20 days. Therefore, the skin to be seen is less than 20 days after being born.

A result of shaving and shaving without shaving for 4 days

By shaving with razor, the old horny skin is shaved at the same time shave and off and a new and fresh skin comes out.
The skin is never smooth and the elasticity differs depending on the place.
The skin consists of thin epidermis and thick dermal two layers below it, and the hair root is in the dermis.

The epidermis is further divided into several layers. The stratum corneum is constituted by the dead cells that are always peeled off, and wet shaving that uses water is wetted and the dead cells are extremely efficiently removed.

Trying to analyze shaving, the skin waste scratch of hair and almost a colleague is recognized.
New cells proliferate from below and reach the surface of the skin between about 10 days and 20.
Therefore, the skin to be seen can be said to be less than 20 days.
After shaving, use after-shave lotion or milk to persist the skin condition of the skin.

After shaving


Why is the beard look blue when it comes to the evening?

In the morning, he has a huge salmon, and itching is likely to be bluish. So why can't you look blue?
It has a reason for the dye of body hair. In the case of Japanese people, it looks blue, but in the case of overseas, it may be brown color or black.

It is a time zone that stretches up, but it is said that around 6 o'clock to 10 o'clock in the morning.
If you are working at least in the morning, you will soon shave from around 6:30 am to 7:30 am. In the morning, it is because it is the principle of human nature to be blous in the evening even if shaving firmly.

In addition, in the evening, it is said that "5 o'clock Shadow" is called "5 o'clock Shadow" and "5 o'clock shadow".
If you are having trouble with blue, you may be good to shave properly after noon, or to easily treat it with an electric shaver, etc. before the evening.

The thinness of the blade of the razor is 0.08 mm

How thick is the blade of the razor? If you examine the blade tip of the famous manufacturer's razor stainless steel, the blade and the double blade are 0.08 to 0.1 mm thick, the injector is 0.5 mm thick, and the thickest single-blade is about 1.3 mm.

The cutting edge in contact with the beard is a thin, thin, and it is said that 750 pieces of the cutting edge are divided, and it is said that it will finally become the thickness of the newspaper.

In addition, various studies have been conducted on the angle of the cutting edge.

For example, suppose a 20-degree blade is attached to a 0.1 mm thick stainless steel plate. The length of the blade surface at this time is 0.28 mm. Since the average diameter of the Japanese beard is said to be 0.08 mm, if you try to shave a beard on a width of 0.28 mm long, the blade surface is more than three times the diameter of the beard, and the friction width becomes large. The sharpness will be worse.

In order to improve the sharpness, the length of the blade surface is adjusted to the extent that the diameter of the beard is. Although the length of the cutting edge is different depending on each manufacturer, the angle of the cutting edge is about 16 to 24 degrees, and the length of the blade is about 1/4, 0.02 mm of the diameter of the beard.

The cutting edge is also composed of three aspects, and it is a sharp and durable cutting edge due to the grinding angle of rough grinding, minor grinding, fine grinding (cutting edge), and a hard metal called spacing ring on the cutting edge Coating a layer and has a further durability and welding the polymer coating and reduces the friction when shaving and shaving a blade, and the soft shaving taste and long run are simultaneously obtained.

Recently, four-piece blade and five-tillish razors are widespread, but a cleaning mechanism to remove shaving, a spare blade with smooth smoothness smoothly.
The cutting edge of the spare blade is also pursued the cut taste and thinner and thinner and displays the thinness is! It seems to be an angstrom.
From the pursuit of deep shields, the number of blade spare blades are made by thinking about the skin-friendly shaving taste.

Camsori's blade that looks casually, is also made to consider a precise device.

Kamisoriholder is a big deal

You often hear the story from customers who "I lost the razor when I used the razor installed in the hotel." This is related to the weight of the razor's holder, not the blade of the razor.

If you use moderate weight holders, you will be able to shave the eyelid with the weight of the whole razor, so it does not take more than necessary the pressure to give it to the skin.

On the other hand, if it is a light holder, it is not a holder weight, but the hand to be transmitted to the holder is large, and the pressure more than necessary will take the skin. Since the hand is not stable, it will scrap and remove the skin more than needed with the bearded with no knowing.
When using a light holder, it is aware that you can not add as much as possible, and you can prevent razor loses. In addition, we do not recommend the need for the skin weaker.

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