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Kamisoli Club: Takeuchi Norioki (Norioki)

Kamisoli Club Standing Director
Takeuchi Norioki Takeuchi

Date of birth: 48 years old, 48 years old, 48 years
-177cm tall and weighs 69kg.
The birthplace: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
This settlement is located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

He was born and raised in Chidagaya, Tokyo, and his environment was nearby Takeshita Street and Sando-do Road, and he grew up with fashion and other fashions.
He had a more humiliating business than the generation of his grandparents, and his family trip was in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where he was seen as a kamisoli factory, hasami, and kitchen knife maker.This is a memory that remains to be remembered, and it is now inherited as a store of the other.

After graduating from a vocational school, he went to study language studies in England and New Zealand.
As I was surprised, I was surprised to learn that I was ashamed of myself, and that I was surprised to learn that the slang language was so surprised that I was a little walkish and a little walkish, and I was ashamed of being ashamed when I had never had a vocabulary.

His grandfather was the first and his father joined the second company in the company, and was a daily commodities trading company centered on Camisoli.He went to the international division of the International Business Division of the Guangzhou Fair, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Frankfurt Messe in Germany, and made the MD system.
In Frankfurt, he went to Zoringen, accompanied by the famous knife maker Henkers, and went to Zorlingen to inspect the plant.

At that time, the company was mainly used for daily miscellaneous goods, but as part of its sales, it was sold to the PB in Travergudzu, and I was mainly in charge of the sales of the goods.
I think it's normal now, but when I got on a plane at the time, I had to take off my shoes when I was sitting on a plane for a long time, but I had to wear a pair of shoes every time I was in the bathroom, and I developed a tatami-style slipper that could be used for compact in the airplane.I remember that explosively sold me to my superiors at the time.

After that, he became more confident in his sense of being aware of the sales of a similar product by a major company.
In addition, in Pakistan, high-class marimaru Hasami is produced in Pakistan, which is the quality of the daily milkweed.
The steering wheel was Gold, and the image was also valued by Silver's Touton.

However, there is a big difference between the excellent examples of the first and the quality of the samples that came to Japan for the first time.The members of the responsible department went to the group companies that included the interrogation, and checked the quality of their quality.Fortunately, no autophone was done, but I could learn the risk of importation on the skin.
He also attended negotiations with the Pakistani manufacturers at the same time, and taught trade with foreign countries.
He moved his family to the Camisoli Club, which had been run by his family, for the 60-year-old company being held in the company.

At that time, the Camisoli Club was a culturaly cultural and for-profit organization.
product development, MD, etc., but it's not a business experience, it's not surprising, it's a repetition of frustration.
now has become roostine and deep-roostled
At the time of the buyer's decision, the company did not increase the number of stores, and there was a hope for a web sale within a variety of different ways of seeing it.

a word spoken by the way in which a great sum of money was sold in a fountain pen at the time of the web sale
" The Web is a tool that the originality of the company is important, and what you want to convey is direct access to the web,
You may as well make yourself as a subtor!"
He was shot in this language and bought a website builder and a reference book, which was released by IBM at the time, to remember how to use the site and photo studio in his own school.

After a while, the set of the Camisoli was sold on the web, and it was purchased with a gift from a woman in Hokkaido.
At this time, I still remember that I was crying while looking at the customer's information on the screen, and I was delighted with delight in my skin.
After that, Buyers of Tokyu Hands began to work with Mr. Hands, and the company began to work with Mr. Hands, and began to work at the Men' s Mans-Mann Center to discuss the Mens' s grooming relationship with the company of the company.The Kamisoli Club has gained confidence and confidence in the fact that it is a kamisoli, which is well verbary of all the Kamisoli, not the import agent.

From this point of view, the websites of department stores, specialty shops, and selection shops, which had been widely used to expand the wholesale distribution network, were neglected, and the wholesale inventory was gradually reduced to the origin, and the focus was on the website again, making it the current foundation of the operation.


In 2006Six hairdowns and a chugaku club were established, and they were handed down through websites and media, such as the HOW TO of Menzgrumming, and other websites, such as the way of teaching the gingles to teach professional players.

2015At the New York Yokohama Restaurant, which is the destination of the work, three barbers and three barbers will be opened and supervised by Barber.

2018As a team of Camisoli, he will be in the custody of videos, articles, and so on as a team of the Sick.

2020To the present


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