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Comfortable Shaving Refleshes Your Day!

Humanity has developed a variety of ancient cultures that have occurred on the earth, but shaving acts have developed various stairs to shaving with razors as well, and the razors themselves from ancient times to modern times. It has been developed by changing various types to to reach, especially from the mid -18th century after the remarkable development, and this has reached today.

Today, shaving is becoming indispensable not only for men but also for women who continue to pursue beauty. I think the important task for us living in the modern society where the information society is exploiting is how to regain humanity and live like a human. The razor club has been working on this problem with the theme of "spacious" and "beauty", and has been established to provide more people.

The razor club is mainly for users to actively provide users to users with the so -called specialized specialization in pursuit of the essence of shaving and have a strong commitment. is.

Currently, shaving, such as shaving men and shaving women, is already habitual in everyday life, and many people, regardless of age or gender, are subject to them, but they are also concerned. It is generally not interested in such a grooming act, and is poorly topical.
For example, I think that most users do not know the tools used during shaving, especially the razor body, regarding their types, types, and brand names. I am a little lonely and disappointing compared to other product fields.

Under this situation, as a razor club, the catchphrase is "Comfortable Shaving Refleshes Your Day)", and this is the case, and the users will first raise awareness of shaving. Shaving In addition to consulting operations such as how to use the know -how, tools, and how to choose, we will actively develop and execute the sale of shaving sets for gifts full of luxury gifts.

Shaving is an everyday act of human, especially for men, and has been overlooked because of its simple action. The razor club has a new feeling, shaving is an act that can find the origin of the origin of the origin of human culture, and promises to us for the "leisure" required in the busy modern social life. It is positioned as a thing.

By the way, we recommend shaving that is even more relaxed as the basic manners of grooming and etiquette that are shaving but shaving. The razor club will continue to shave as a useful information speech for users, and as a base providing various shaving goods, and work hard to create a store loved and trusted by users. It is located. Thank you for your cooperation.

President and CEO of the Razor Club
Yasuri Takeuchi

Episode 1 Shaving market in Japan
Episode 2 Japanese razor material (band steel)
Episode 3 Great change of razor maker in the early 21st century
English (History and Culture of Shaving in Japan)
The story of the old man


Representative strategy

June 15, 1942 Born in Ueno, Tokyo
1966 Graduated from Rikkyo University Faculty of Economics
1966 Joined the company of Father (Kinzo Takeuchi), Sanho Shoji Co., Ltd.
1967 Product development and import / export charge
1969 As Director of Headquarters, a new pioneer of mass retailers
1971 Nationwide expansion of home -haired and razor sales floor construction
1981 Kyocera Corporation and Kitchen knife, joint development of knives
1984 As the president of the Sanpiki and the Tensa Group
1993 Due to the contribution to the import of a razor made in the United States, President Clinton (then) has received a photo of a handwritten signature
1994 Published a razor specialized book, "Razor History"
the year of 2000 Became Chairman of CEO with a capital tie -up with Company K, established a new razor club in Minami -Aoyama in October
2002 Departed from Sanpo Shoji Co., Ltd., a partner company with Company K
2004 Kinzo Eternal Sleep, who has worked hard to internationalize the razor
Year 2005 Published his late father, Kinzo's graduation commemorative "Father's Life"
2015 We spent seven years and introduce barber rooms in 38 countries around the world. Published "World Barber Tour"

2021 Razor history revised version: Culture starting from shells and trajectory of the Japanese marketElectronic publishing from Amazon Kindle

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