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Corporate history

The past history of the Kamisori Club is also published as a content.

1903 Suzu Safety Kazori Works in Tokyo Uenohiro-cho
1938 Suzu safety razor manufacturing office, factory closure by the National Membership Law, issued under battle time
In 1939 We opened high-end cutter wholesale writings in Tokyo Kanda-cho town
1948 Transfer to Takeuchizu Shoten store, Nihonbashi Kojima-cho. Change of company name to Three Treasure Corporation in 49 years the following year
In 1949 Japan Safety Share Industrial (now, Feather Safety Kamisori Co., Ltd.) subscribed to distributor
Year of 1960 Trade of Kamisori's trade, US Glett, USA, etc.
In 1962 The spare blade also rushes into the razor market intense period, and three treasures will work on the mainstay of USA
Year of 1965 "15 barber recommends the durability of the stainless steel blade" to the chick replacement blade ad
In 1966 Sales base establishment as a special business basis for treasure trailing razor, to a home retail store through a wholesaler policy
1968 Started trading with major mass retailers with distribution reform. Ito Yokado, Daie, Seiyu, etc.
In 1970 Dentally devoted to the development and diffusion of chicken blade leather, the first disposable blade to the barber industry
In 1980 Market Occupancy, Sick 69.8%, Gillette 10.2%, Feather 9.4%
In 1989 Three Treasure Course Founding 50th Anniversary Holiday, Gillette, Chic, UK Wilkinson and other thanks
Gillet, Chic, Wilkinson, Feather, Others of Oversho Toyo Money from Tomorrow and December 8th
Opened Takeuchi Kamisori Cultural Museum in Harajuku.
In 1992 Transfer the Kamisori Cultural Museum to Nihon Hashimoto. In addition to the cultural business,
1994 US razor Import contribution to Changon President Clinton's President's Shiten-Stockings Signing Photos
year 2000 Kyoto's K company, capital and business alliance, Takeshi Takeuchi, retired by the President of the Three Treasure Corporation
Established the Shinsei Kamisori Club in Southern Blue Mountain, launched luxury razor manufacturing and market development
2006 Big shaving tools, care, modeling, barber special school companions with beard cultureHouse ClubEstablishment
2014 Yokohama City Aoba WardshowroomOpen
Bernese New York Yokohama Store 4FBarber shopOpen

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