The bath at the end of the day is a blissful time.

A warm bathtub has a relaxed effect, as well as a better blood flow. This time, we will introduce the "bath time shaving" in a bath that is perfect for the recent lifestyle where teleworks have increased.

The beard grows in the morning. Isn't there a big difference between shaving in the morning or shaving at night?

In fact, the beard is the most extended in the morning in the morning. Just because I shaved it at night, the next morning I had a little beard! There are few things, and you can spend the next morning exhilarating by carefully shaving at night.

It is a shaving that often happened to work in the morning and was busy working, but when I went to the bath time, it was full of good and good skin condition in a comfortable temperature and humidity. It is good to do it slowly before a holiday.

First, warm your heart and mustache in the bath

Wash the whole body as usual and soak in the bathtub. The warmth of the hot water, the sound of the warmth of the hot water, the voice comes out unexpectedly. At that time, soak in the bathtub with the part of the beard. If it is difficult, it is OK to put the hot water on your face. It is important to include warm water in the mustache.
By containing moisture, the mustache expands and makes it easier to shave. Moreover, the warm temperature is more effective.

For this reason, in the barber room, we put a steamed towel, put boiling water in the shaving mug, and shave while warming the brush and foam. If you have a high humidity bathroom, you do not need such preparation. It can be said that it is the most luxurious environment for shaving.

Whip & brushing so that you whisk on your face

If you get out of the bath and head for the mirror, foam with a shaving brush (bear brush). Apply soap to the tip of the brush, move it slowly like a circle, brush it, and move the painted soap on the face. Brushing has the effect of scraping dirt in the back of the pores with the hair tips, so it is recommended to wash your face as a whole. Bonus, like fine whipped cream, also has the role of a lubricant that slips a sharp razor in addition to comfort.

How to use the shaving brushPlease refer to

While checking your skin and mustache

When the bubbles stand, pour the razor from the top of the cheek to the lower chin. The order of shaving and reverse shaving is the same as the usual shaving. For detailed procedures, please refer to the basic explanation page of wet shaving.

It's a good bath time, so please check the way your mustache grows slowly by hand. The hair flow is different for each person. It's a good idea to take a closer look in the mirror. As you shave your beard while feeling and understanding the condition of your skin, you can easily shave without difficulty.

Don't forget to care for after -shave

After shaving, remove the soap firmly with warm hot water. And when you get out of the bath, cover the skin that is fired with a bath and shaved with cold water to tighten the pores and reduce the heat.

After that, it is a good idea to protect your skin from drying with a milky lotion with after -shave lotion in summer, after -shave gel or moisturizing in winter.

Although it is a popular after -shaky lotion in summer, the alcoholic type is also sterilized. Sensitive skin may cause pain and cause rough skin. In that case, you should choose an alcohol -free type.

Why don't you slowly shave your mustache with a bliss that follows the bath slowly after warming up in the bath.

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