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Article: Three exercise that as a result of becoming middle-aged, and having thought about health, I practice


Three exercise that as a result of becoming middle-aged, and having thought about health, I practice

どーん! It is oneself who became age to reach 44 years old in と this year

Oneself until 37,38 year is this for around 2,010 years before っでひと old days

175cm tall 94 kg in weight

I was almost good to 0.1t.

I came by cycling for the time being from Inagi to the Hamura water purification plant.

Besides, that time that was a small folding bicycle called BD1.

The days when I felt aesthetics for the word large serving.

If it is various with a blood test, is worried about the report card of adult; if become of marrigeable age, and watch the report card,

Acylglycerol gave splendid high score.

If it is deviation value and IQ numerical value of the this study, I am a singular genius.

The exercise that I decided there from the day!

I perform it every day from 2010, but I cannot run and, not to mention a beginning, cannot row it. . .

Because a body is too heavy, and there is not the leg power even if only he he and a stomach are going to advance before,

Anything is great first. . . .

Then what is doing; report しますー?

Because it is my lifestyle, does I beg you to understand my position regardless of a razor?

Early rising is getting up in not being hot at 5:00 about 4:30

I drink the water of the glassful, and do the correspondence of the email in U.K. and Italy

It is a muscular workout lightly. It is an abdominal muscle and the back and a push-up level

Okay, it is jogging or cycling! Though the sun has already appeared in the summertime and is warm, the winter is cold till then because it is gradually over from around half past 6,

It is the empty color that is gradually over from darkness, me size enthusiast.

It may be said that I do jogging and cycling to watch the scenery

When it is a bicycle, I row about 30km

Because the Tama River is relatively near, I run in the riverbed pleasantly from the home

The winter is too cold, and sweat flows if I wear a thick dry suit of the surfing that I wore in old days! It comes to have a slight というより dehydration, and there is the experience that Fra attacked

Jogging is main me in winter

Because it is early and is aimed for body fat combustion by the 走 るではなく aerobic exercise whether you run at 10km, 8km runs 60 in the time for around 90 minutes

Because it was not the level that one and the nasal region which were really sweaty when it was all the faces could show = which was to be serious by cold to, I cut it.

In fact, sweat blurs on the windbreaker plenty

Because it is early that it rises concerning difference in time that I am early in the morning

And I can exercise in the extension line

I feel sick and feel it when I do not exercise for such a feeling now for seven years

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