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Article: The barber chair is the highest mountain in the chair.


The barber chair is the highest mountain in the chair.

The razor Club (now closed) The chairs used in Annex and Barneys Barber's shop are made in Japan and restored more than 50 years ago.

The word YOSHIDA is engraved and the name of the production is.
There is a FUJI in the step, and this is probably the model name of the chair.

Because it is an old -fashioned manual type, it is cool from the technical team at first, but I am confused about how to use it.

I still remember it.
Nevertheless, the profound feeling of the old chair is beautiful.

And this chair is a recent automatic barber chair.

It is not the latest style, but I have made photos of the chairs of a barber shop in the neighborhood that I always get along with.

By pressing the upper and lower buttons at the feet, the height of the chair can be adjusted, the chair angle is adjusted with the button under the armrest, and in the case of shaving, it is always a pleasant posture at a flat angle.

Upper class chairs such as airplanes are flat, but barber chairs have been incorporated for a long time.

Recently, there are some types that make chairs flat on long -distance buses, do you want to ride a lot?

I think barber chairs can be said to be the highest peak of chairs.

Would you like to experience it at a barber shop near you?
I think relaxation during shaving is a blissful time.

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Razor Club Takai Takauchi