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Article: Beard makes fashion fun! I found


Beard makes fashion fun! I found

If you look into the razor maker and the chic site that you are usually together,

Oh! New beard content!
Moreover, the name

Beard makes fashion fun!

I'm looking forward to the advertisement outdoors in Shibuya for a limited time.
I wanted to find time and go to see it.

Mustache club

In 2006, "Beard Club" with a barber friend has been "beard club", and he has been working with the mustache, the type of mustache, and the coordination of mustaches and fashion.

This time, I am very happy as a fan that the razor maker chic picked up beards and fashion.

I would be glad if you could see both the stylish beards and those who are going to stretch the mustache in the future.

Beard Club mustache

Name of mustache mustache
Which mustache do you like?

That tsu! Higeclub MOUSTACHE WAX ¥ 2,200-


Razor Club Takai Takauchi
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