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Article: I appeared in BS Nippon Television in September, 2016

2016年9月 BS日テレに出演させていただきました

I appeared in BS Nippon Television in September, 2016

I am amazed to learn myself, but am a documentary program for my 30 minutes

I had topics to be active every day as a razor shop

I am the fourth generation, but will succeed to culture from ancestors who was able to let you really succeed to business, mustache club member who there are only thanks to a parent and are active together, this that the visitor who always supports it contributes to the fact as a razor shop

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ギャザリー あなたの日常を彩る「きっかけ」創出メディアに掲載されました

Gauley has been published in the media to create "trigger" to color your everyday life

I introduce the following article. Thank you. Barbers' shop by kamisori Club 148 (Yokohama) This is a high quality barber shop that is a grooming specialist group "kamisari club" and American brand...

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GQ Japan may

Thank you for posting the following article 1 barbers' shop by kamisori Club 148 Barneys barbers shop by kamisari Club 148 (Yokohama) It is opened at the timing of the 20th anniversary of the openi...

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