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This figure is a trademark of the Kamisori Club. "Father's modeling character" devised to cross the two blade holder that symbolizes razor and express gratitude to father. I hope you feel refreshing shaving as a male tool to use every day.

The beginning of the razor club

The foundation is the opening of the Suzun Safety Kazori Suzuryu Safety Kazutori of Tokyo, who opened in 1903. Although I was manufacturing a razor, the supply of steel was stopped due to the influence of the war and was closed. Therefore, Takeuchi Takejo has opened a blanketing restaurant centered on razor. After the war, renamed "Mao Corporation", and before trade liberalization America he gets ever sharp razor "Injector" and this razor is great! I felt that it was suitable for Japanese hard beards and sold it in Japan.
This is the beginning of SCHICK (Chic) product sales in Japan.

After that, commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its founding is opened in Harajuku in Harajuku in 1988.
Since then, in 2000, a razor specialty store is opened as a Shinobu Kamisori Club. At the same time, sales on the website started, and in 2013, we have opened the private shops & showrooms and a barber based in Western Capacity and Yokohama.


Representative director Takeuchi

Schick Special Column # 1
"Chic Japan / Kamisori Club Takeuchi, Takeuchi, which has advanced the history of Japanese razor

Company Profile

Case name Kamisori Club

Headquarters 〒206-0823 Tokyo Metropolitan Castle City Hirao 2-54-5

For Private Shop & Show Room

Establishment October 30, 2000
Capital 10 million yen
General Counsel Good man
Adviser tax accountant Japanese denial of tax
Bank Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Other
Main vendor Chic Japan Co., Ltd., Feather Safety Shaving Co., Ltd., ocean, ocean (Corporation), Non-order, Oka International Co., Ltd.
Main seller Bernese Japan (Japan Bernese NY), Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd., Tokyu Hands Co., Ltd., Maruzen Co., Ltd., Tutaya, (Inc.)

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