Did you all know the name of a general beard?
There is a name in the shape of a jigge.

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Once upon a time, he was a classic jigue.
I think we can find the dine of the heyfish that we see in movies and so on.

This is a recent book of higue devised by the Higer Club.
The shape of the jigge is a stylish design that is compared to the classically shape.

And, of course, there is a difference of individual differences, but the result of the increase in the growth of the beard, or the increase of the hige for a month, is the result.

Day 1
Day 5
Day 8.
Day 10
Day 12
Day 15
This is just the middle point.
From the mustache.Full Bairdand it's becoming the shape of a lizard.
This is the medium fullbaird.
Eighteenth Day
Day 20
Day 26

It is said that there is a rare sight of the jigge all over the face, but it is the virtue that I have brought in.It is true, however, that the jige is thicker.

And if you grow up to a certain level, it's also fun to stretcher your hegage.
However, when the mouth of the lips is put on the lips, the lips are used to make the mouth full of the mouth, and it is used to cut the mouthback of the mouth.
And if you want to design a beard, you have to design the shape of a beard in a barbarical shop, and then be self-ready, and then it's easy to get it off.


This is the style of my usual jigge!