Name of the form of a common eyebrow, did you know? ?
It has a name in the form of a beard.

※ All the images of the bald design belong to the Kamisori Club, the beard club, and the use of secondary use is prohibited.

A long-fashioned classical beard book.
I think there is also something to find the Dain of the beard watching in a movie.

A recent bearded book that was devised in the Beard Club.
The shape of the beard is a thin and stylish design than Classical.

We have the following challenge from April 30, 2021!
As I wanted to be a day I want to be updated in the morning, please see the daily change.
I am thinking about the 100 day challenge without saying it 30 days!

Trying to extend the beard for one month in the nesting life From April 30, 2021 (updated daily)

Buzz went in October 2020!

And, of course, there are individual differences, but how long the beard is extended, and it is the result of having stretched a month.

First day
Day 5
Day 8
Day 10
Day 12
Day 15
This is just an intermediate point.
From no horribleFull beardIt is in the form of a beard
This is medium full beard.
Day 18
Day 20
Day 26

It is also said that it is also unusual for the whole face to here, but it is a virtuous virtue born. It is also true that the beard is only dark.

It will be fun to extend the beard to extend to some extent
However, it is recommended to cut with scissors, as it takes up with the lips.
If you want to design a beard, first, design the form of a beard in a barber shop, and then it is surprisingly easy if you set it with self

The style of my beard is here!

We have launched a gift-only WAX
Building Barber Corps, Supervision

That tun! HigeClub Moustache Wax (Higuwax) ¥ 2,200

Magic razor set 6,600- that can be shaved with a shave shave.



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