Men's gift carefully selected by the razor club

ギフト最適 レーザー彫刻で無料名入れ実施中


You can experience the shaving of your predecessor a century ago! That's such a razor! [Name insert/gift] OLD FLORENCE OTTONE INVECCHIATO SAFETY double -edged razor


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New products that are perfect for gifts are available from Italy!

A custom -made product ordered by a razor club to the workshop.

* This product isBoth blades razor modelam.
* With a series of makeup boxes common to the series
If you would like a ribbon seal, please select.


The ancestor of the safety razor, double -edged razor
Please experience the sharp and old -fashioned classical shaving comfort.

Old classic brass design has a black coloring depending on the location, and the handle part has been used for many years.

* The razor stand will be sold separately

  • Weight 75g
  • Length 110mm
  • Maximum width 18mm
5 replacement blades

* Please understand that the sculpture to this razor is an antique -style brass design, and the sculpture is engraved in black or white depending on the location.
* The appearance of the character of the sculpture may change depending on the coating of the base.
名入れはローマ字筆記体・ブロック体・漢字・縦漢字・ひらがな・カタカナなどの彫刻が可能です。文字数はローマ字で20字 漢字などは15字くらいまで可能です。詳細なご要望がある方は別途メールでお知らせください。

※イラストのレーザー彫刻ですが内容が細かさによって彫刻が出来ない場合もございます。 ご希望の商品とイラストを拝見した後、ご連絡をさせていただきます。



東京・千葉・埼玉・神奈川 550円 /その他関東甲信越地方・富山・東海近畿地方 660円/福島・石川・福井・中国四国地方 770円/その他東北地方 880円/九州地方(一部除く) 990円/北海道 1100円/鹿児島 1320円/沖縄 2000円

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