SCHICK Club Communication 17. SCHICK HYDRO5 (Chic Hydro 5) Custom introduction & Review Shaved taste for the man's skin. And "To the skin that continues to be moist after shaving."

Select three kinds of gel pools on the upper part of the replacement blade (a lubricant that suits the skin constitution is installed, choice your favorite flavor), shave it during shaving, then dissolve it at the same time to make the blade slip better. Shave without burdening the skin as much as possible.

There are three kinds of razors and replacement blades, blue, green, and yellow.

Blue (hydrate)
Those who seek moisture. Even after shaving with coconut oil, your skin is sit

Green (Comfort)
Those to sensitive skin. Expectations for adjusting skin condition with herbal extract

Yellow (refreshing)
Those who seek exhilaration. Menthol is characterized by a refreshing aroma and refreshing feeling.

The gel pool box at the top of the blade is movable and the upper part of the blade is turned up and the beard can be shaved under the nose.

HYDRO = Water power gel box contains moisture and gel melts and slides to protect the skin.
This is the latest razor blade that applies the power of "water"

Looking at the razor body, the upper part is divided into two parts. When it comes to cars, it has a suspension, and it works up and down while noticing the skin's lubricated bumps.
Even if the razor is pressed against the skin unintentionally, the razor will detect the burden on the skin and automatically reduce power while missing it.

The back part of the blade can see the gap between the blade and the blade. The reason is designed so that tap water rinses the gap quickly in the beard or foam on the blade when shaving.

Hydro blades, like Quattro, have introduced the highest peak steel and are manufactured in the US factory.

Seven white gel pools on the blue part at the top. Each extract gel melts out and protects and moisturizes the skin from friction.
The resin at the bottom of the blade has a role in supporting deep shaving by improving the adhesion to the skin by the parallel fin guard bar.
If you look closely at the blade part, you can see that the lower part of each blade is attached to the lower part of each blade. There is

Explain in the video

Shaving comfort review

This razor can be summarized in a word


I can only find this word.

Even if you use it for the first time, the gel that melts from the gel box protects the skin firmly (the image of the membrane), so it is close to the feeling of shaving. But it is actually shaving firmly.
Even if you press the razor, the power escapes, the blade does not hit the skin, and the suspension that is attached to the razor itself operates, may be used to work on the razor itself. Distributed pressure. I actually felt the skin care protect equipped with a replacement blade and a razor.
If you use it 2.3 degrees, the inside of the gel box will gradually decrease. I think there are individual differences, but in my case, the gel will be gone in about 7 days.
The gel is gone = it is not the time to replace it, but I can see that the shaving taste is still falling.
Using a shaving agent, the beard is dark as it is, so it will be replaced in about 10 days.
The trimmer attached to the upper part of the blade can shave a mustache, such as a hook -up and a nose.

When you defeat the gel box behind, the swinging part will be locked and a flip type trimmer will appear on the top of the replacement blade.
It can be used as a trimmer in small parts such as sideburns and mustaches at the bottom of the nose.

Up and down in the center of the razor

Blue button that moves in. Normally, the suspension is operated down and shaving is performed, but if you move the button up to your liking, the suspension is locked and fixed.

The razor holder is a combination of alloy and black resin, like Quattro.
It is a style that can be prevented and easy to hold.

It adopts a design that is easy to fit in your hand and shave in close contact with your skin.
If the scale is attached, wipe it with a squeezed towel.
In my case, remove the blade and remove the scales with the scallops (for reference, but please take responsibility).
Especially in the black part, soap dirt is noticeable, so if you wash it with a rugged, you can remove dirt very beautifully.

Catch phrase without permission

eh! It was a razor if I thought I was doing skin care for my skin! is.




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