Logo mark

This figure is a trademark of the razor club. I let two double-edged blade holders symbolizing a razor cross and "am a molding letter of father" which I devised to express the feeling of thanks to father. I am happy every day if you can realize refreshing shaving as a tool of the men to employ.

Beginning of razor club

The foundation is the bell virtue safety razor mill opening of business of Kanda, Tokyo that started a business in 1903. It produced razors, but the supply of steel materials stopped under the influence of war and became the lockout. Therefore Kinzo Takeuchi opens the knife wholesale dealer mainly on the razor. I change my name after the war with "Buddha, dharma and priest Corporation Co., Ltd.", and I take the razor "injector" made in candy re-Kae bar Sharp in a hand before trade liberalization, and this razor is splendid! I felt that I was suitable for a Japanese hard mustache and imported and sold it in Japan.
This is a beginning of Schick( chic) product sale in Japan.

I open a shaving culture building razor club in commemoration of the establishment of a business 50th anniversary afterwards in Harajuku in 1988.
I establish a store specializing in razors in Minamiaoyama, Tokyo as a new life razor club for the next 2,000 years. The sale on the website starts at the same time, too and moves the base in Western hairdressing birthplace, Yokohama in 2013 and opens private shop & showroom and barber.


Representative director Yasuoki Takeuchi

Schick Special Column #1
"Chic Japan / razor club Yasuoki Takeuchi who advanced the history of the Japanese razor"

Company profile

⇒ Company Profile(English)

Business name razor club Co., Ltd.
Head office 〒 206-0823 2-54-5, Hirao, Inagi-shi, Tokyo

Annex [store) and the razor club ANNEX (showroom]
〒225-0003 2, Shinishikawa, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi 13-18 グレイスビーノ 101


The establishment October 30, 2000
Capital 10 million yen
Legal adviser 萬幸男
Advisor licensed tax accountant Kume licensed tax accountant
Banker Mizuho Bank, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi others
The main supplier Random order such as chic Japan Co., Ltd., feather safety razor Co., Ltd., 鵜飼洋鋏 Co., Ltd., Nakajima industry Co., Ltd., Japanese WAHL Co., Ltd., Ikemoto brush Co., Ltd., 岡 international Co., Ltd.
Main sale Barney's Japan (Japanese Barney's NY), Panasonic consumer marketing Co., Ltd., Takashimaya Co.,Ltd., Tokyu Hands Co., Ltd., Ickx peer re-Maruzen Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., TUTAYA, Shogakukan Inc. production, Onward Kashiyama Co.,Ltd. (random order)